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A feeling of tidy, cognoscible luxury is what Jewelick aims for. Going for modernity and effortlessness, geometric shapes and settings in 10 K and 14 K gold make up Jewelick’s foundational pieces. A subtle attraction, unostentatious – but it grows on you. Sublime, urbane, understated.

The People behind Jewelick

Graduating from the prestigious University of Pune from the Faculty of Engineering (Department of Information Technology), Ankur Motiani returned in 2010 to his hometown, Jaipur. He deepened his knowledge of diamond brokerage; his previous business enterprise’s backdrop material sourcing activities (his forte), stood him in good stead. Based in NYC during a significant stint, he expanded his practical experience in the Jewelry Industry. Designers like Anne Sisteron and Rodrigo Otazu were persuaded to trust his professionalism. He participated in a number of prestigious expos for his then-employer, notably JCK Las Vegas, and JIS October Miami. Yet another stellar achievement was Ankur’s onboarding of an Indian Jewelry House onto illustrious auction houses, premier among them Christie’s, Heritage, Doyle, Bonhams, and Skinner Inc.

Jewelick realizes that, in the Digital Age when markets are so deeply enamored of Tech gadgets, persuading customers as to the wisdom of jewelry purchase is a stiff challenge. Jewelick has decided to offer superb quality at affordable price.

To quote Anil Kumar Vaishnav, the other Helmsman: “At Jewelick, we strive to encapsulate a message in each and every product. Buying Gold Jewelry is a highly emotional act. People connect to their actions and achievements, past and continuing, when Gold Jewelry is purchased. Such purchase is, most of the time, a commemorative act. We hope to crystallize your thoughts and feelings in each Jewelry brilliant. To treasure, to cherish – forever.”

Made in India

The provenance of our sourcing and manufacturing is India. ‘Made in India’ is a guarantee of and on its own. We stand fully, unreservedly behind our 10K and 14K jewelry.

As Ankur says: “Success is necessarily elusive if standards are as high as mine. While never wholly satisfied by attainments, I try my best to serve clients scrupulously and conscientiously.”Only your appreciation of Jewelick’s products and services will soothe Ankur and Anil’s longing to perfection. Your support is the yardstick of Jewelick’s success.

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